Cosmic Paws’ Muttniks NFT Roadmap 2.0: Zvezdochka aka “Star”

In the beginning, there were, are, and will be Muttniks.

Muttniks NFTs
4 min readSep 27, 2021


Before we go into Zvezdochka (aka Star), the first thing to know about is who we are at Cosmic Paws.


Cosmic Paws is:
Kyle Schember. Founder/co-owner of Subtractive and one-half of the music group, Test Shot Starfish.

Mike Mongo. Astronaut teacher, author of The Astronaut Instruction Manual, and co-founder of OBEY.

Giovanni Vignone. 19-year old college student, Solidity coder, and creator of the Cosmic Paws minting generator.

Artist. Graffiti art legend and fellow creator who chooses to remain anonymous. Call them Artist.

Also on CP’s core team are:
Magic Threads co-founder/owners Ron Martino and Bethany Gillan. Subtractive co-owner/founder Ryan Stuit.

CP’s Muttniks champion team most definitely includes NFT whisperer William Tong, artist-musician and community superhero Kas Vegas, digital artist Joseph Gerardi.

Cumulatively, all of us have been working together for over 70 years. These deep relationship ties of everyone who makes up Cosmic Paws is one of our strengths. Having been through so many experiences together, we trust one another’s abilities, skills, leadership, professionalism, and humanity. It’s better than only being “kinda nice”; it is a core strength.


The three auspices the Muttniks project is built on are:

  1. Do what you love
  2. with who you love
  3. and help others.

Kyle Schember proposed the NFT project and came up with the idea. Mike Mongo brought the name and the story. Gio built the proprietary generator. Artist did the art. And along with William, Kas, Ryan, Ron, Bethany, and Joseph, we brought it all together as Cosmic Paws.


Last thing, which is kind-of the first thing.

Along with the aesthetics and IP (intellectual property) of the Muttniks NFTs, all of us at Cosmic Paws are deeply committed to the project’s narrative.

The Muttniks story launches with Laika.

Laika, space canine, training for launch in her custom space chair.

Laika is the most famous of all the Muttniks. In real life, she was sent to space, 3 November 1957. And as we all know, she was sacrificed to space exploration. Laika was the first being from Earth to orbit the planet, and she (and a number of her more than 50 canine space pioneers) died on that mission.

Laika and her fellow Muttniks were some of the world’s most important space heroes. They trained for their missions. They went in to their spacecrafts willingly and loyally. She was the best girl. (The scientist who put her into the spaceship, Adilya Kotovskaya, famously cried at the time knowing how good a dog Laika was.) And we let her and others perish for their contributions to our exploration of space.

Knowing the history, none of this sat well with any of us at Cosmic Paws. Worse, we watched as space exploration has become one of the most important advancements in human history while the slowly the world was forgetting Laika and the space pioneers who got us to where we are today.

Then, almost out of nowhere, NFTs happened. Starting with random conversations, then not random, then meetings, then an idea (thanks, Kyle!), a plan formed. Until on the 70th Anniversary of the first Muttniks–Tsygan and Dezik, 22 July 1951 (thanks, Mike!)–we launched our 1st-genesis Muttnik, Laika, on 22 July 2021, and debuted Cosmic Paws’ proprietary NFT generator (thanks, Gio!), the only NFT generator with a “do-over” before minting.

. Generate. Want to try again before minting? Do over!

All of which brings us to today. Cosmic Paws roadmap for our 2nd-genesis Muttniks. Introducing Zvezdochka.

Aka Star.


Zvezdochka aka Star
edition of 3,333
number of traits: at least 8
backgrounds: at least 70

    9 October 2021, Clubhouse Mutt-Up #009
    Airdrop of special NFT gift for holders of 1st-genesis Laika, one per wallet.
    16 October 2021, Clubhouse Mutt-Up #010
    Airdrop of Cosmic Paws NFT derivative of 1st-genesis Laika for the first 101 holders by Special-Guest Artist.
  • 2nd GENESIS PREQUEL: Space is for Everybody NFT
    20 October 2021, special Clubhouse Mutt-up
    Airdrop of Masterpiece NFT, 1-to-1, exclusively for all holders of 1st-genesis Laika.
    27 October 2021, special Clubhouse Mutt-up
    Zvezdochka debuts!!! Muttniks giveaways–both NFT and hard goods! EXCLUSIVE 1-to-1, full-week access to minting for all 1st-genesis Laika holders at discount price.
    3 November 2021, special Clubhouse Mutt-up
    Zvezdochka minting opens to the world.



Muttniks NFTs

From July 22, 1951 to 1966 nearly 100 dogs went to space. #Muttniks NFTs celebrate these space pioneer canines! #ForAllMuttkind 🐕