The Greatest NFT Generator on Earth (and Beyond!)

Introducing Cosmic Paws’ Do-Over Generating Engine. Aka The DOGE.

2 min readNov 7, 2021


When Muttniks debuted and sold-out 1069 Laika NFTs earlier this past summer, it happened fast enough that the actual miracle of the Cosmic Paws’ “evolutionary” minting generator almost slipped beneath the radar.

Almost but not quite.

1st-Genesis Laika collectors–having experience Cosmic Paws’ proprietary minting technology (engineered by 19-year old Giovanne Vignone) and wanting to experience it more stood at the ready for the generator’s re-debut.

They were not disappointed. See for yourself, here is Cosmic Paws generating engine in action at

3 November 2021, on the 64th anniversary of pioneering space canine Laika’s launching to space and orbit, Cosmic Paws unveiled the 2nd-genesis Muttnik, Star (aka Zyezdochka), and introduced the world to an more powerful and evolved version of their Do-Over Generating Engine:


Try it for yourself. It’s free.

Here’s how. Go to and connect your MetaMask, Coinbase, or Portis wallet. Press Generate. Then press Generate again. And again.

And again and again and again and again.

With wallets connected, collectors get to press Generate as many times as it takes to tune in and locate the Muttnik NFT that best expresses them for either a PFP (profile pic) or to collect the specific generative NFT needed to fulfill their collection. Inspiration4 astronaut Sian Proctor has generated over thirty of the new 2nd-genesis Star aka Zyezdochka NFTs for her personal Woof Pack Muttniks derivatives collection.

Create your own Muttniks NFT derivatives collection like Astronaut Dr Sian Proctor.

Cosmic Paws’ DOGE is a game-changer for NFTs. Up until now, with few exceptions, minting NFTs has been a luck-of-the-draw experience.

With the debut of Star at, that has all changed.

Cosmic Paws’ DOGE evolves the minting experience, giving collectors the power to generate and re-generate again and again before committing and minting their NFTs.

With one breakthrough in minting technology, Cosmic Paws has altered the past, present, and future of generative NFTs.

Cosmic Paws’ DOGE minting experience. Adding Agency to the Metaverse, one Muttnik at a time. For all Muttkind!


Visit and experience the best next thing to time travel.



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From July 22, 1951 to 1966 nearly 100 dogs went to space. #Muttniks NFTs celebrate these space pioneer canines! #ForAllMuttkind 🐕